Open Plan Kitchens

Open plan living is a sociable way of living, designed to bring everyone together, and nowhere is it more popular than in the kitchen, living and dining areas. 

An open plan design usually splits the room into different zones, but central to a good design is ensuring that all these zones work together as one cohesive space. 


At DISCOVER kitchen interior design, many of my kitchen ranges include stylish furniture for the dining and living areas, providing  you with a seamless look throughout your open plan space. I can advise you on colours, textures and finishes that complement and contrast with your kitchen furniture to give you the stunning open plan living you're looking for.

The kitchen showroom in Aspley Guise, near Milton Keynes, is open by appointment. That way we can ensure you have the time you need to explore all the options without being disturbed.


To make an appointment to see our ranges for open plan living,