• Simon Cull

Why Moduleo’s® Luxury Vinyl Tiles CLICK all the Boxes

When I was deciding on the best flooring for the new DISCOVER kitchen interior design showroom, I was faced with many of the same considerations as you are when choosing flooring for your new kitchen.

It needed to be hard-wearing, durable, easy to keep clean and not cost the earth. It also needed to be quick and easy to install. And most importantly I needed something that was going to look great, reflect my focus on design, and show the kitchen displays off to best effect.

With these criteria in mind, it didn’t take long for me to decide on Moduleo’s® CLICK LVT flooring.

So what is LVT?

Mention vinyl and for many it conjures up a picture of a roll of rather plastic looking flooring from the 1970s. But LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles, also known as Luxury Vinyl Flooring), couldn’t be further from this image.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring looks just like real wood or stone flooring, and it comes as individual planks or tiles so you can create an effect that looks completely natural.

Why I chose Moduleo®

I have worked with Moduleo® for a number of years and have always been impressed by the breadth of their range, and how they keep up with the latest design trends. It is also good value for money, so it reflects the ethos for of the showroom; high-end design without the high-end price tag.

I feel strongly that beautiful design is for everyone and shouldn’t just be preserve of the ultra-expensive. Teaming my own showroom with Moduleo® flooring, and being able to offer it to my customers as well, means great kitchen designs at a realistic and affordable price.

Many of Moduleo’s® designs are inspired by nature, from their pure and pronounced woods to their elegant and distinctive stones. And to make them more realistic they add texture to ensure a natural appearance.

Practical considerations

As well as offering great design, Moduleo® wins out on several practical fronts too. The vinyl has a protective layer that makes it scratch and scuff resistant. It is also moisture and slip resistant, and it repels water, making it the perfect flooring for use in the kitchen.

Moduleo® LVT is easy to clean and maintain – a quick mop over once a week will do the trick. And it has great sound and heat insulation so you won’t have the noise or the cold feet that can come with tiles or stone floors. On the subject of heating, Moduleo® LVT can be laid over underfloor heating systems without any problem.

Finally, Moduleo® LVT scores well on its environmental credentials which was an important consideration for me. All Moduleo® flooring contains up to 50 per cent recycled material of verified origin and is, itself, recyclable.

And, unlike other manufacturers of luxury vinyl flooring, Moduleo® products are only shipped from Belgium, rather than the Far East, which saves on unnecessary transportation and is much kinder to the planet.

All clicking into place

If I needed any more convincing about Moduleo®, what really clinched it for me was the CLICK technology which is available on many of their ranges. You literally click the tiles / planks together, making it incredibly quick and easy to install - great news whether you are installing it yourself or are paying someone to do it for you.

We had a clean, concrete floor in the showroom which meant we could apply the Xtrafloor underlay straight to it. This smooths out irregularities within the sub floor and also improves the sound absorption of the floor covering.

Next you peel back the film backing from the underlay to reveal a slightly tacky surface which helps to hold the tiles /planks in place as you click them together.

We couldn’t believe it took two of us just a day and a half to lay the entire showroom floor!

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more about Moduleo® CLICK flooring and how it can complement your kitchen, get in touch.

The showroom is open by appointment. To arrange a convenient time to visit, call me on 07946 069420 or email me on or click on 'Contact Us' in the menu.